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Living Green: Stores to Phase Out Incandescent Light Bulbs

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LAS VEGAS - Incandescent light bulbs are becoming extinct. Stores will begin phasing out the classic bulbs and replacing them with more energy efficient options.

The phase-out of 40 and 60 watt incandescent bulbs is part of 2007 legislation aimed at making the country more energy efficient.

Lighting an average home makes up approximately 20 percent of that home's power bill, so energy smart bulbs are a good way to save money. These bulbs use fewer watts.

2014 marks the year energy-hogging, heat producing bulbs that people have used for nearly 150 years will disappear for good. Manufacturers are required to make more energy-efficient versions of the 40 and 60 watt bulbs. Stores have already discontinued 70 watt and 100 watt standard bulbs.

The replacement options are already on store shelves. Those options include: halogen bulbs, which are the least expensive, but don't last as long; CFL or compact florescent bulbs, which offer a balance of being affordable and are 75 percent more efficient; and LED bulbs, which are the longest-lasting, but most expensive options.

Shoppers are urged to compare and experiment with the new bulbs. While some might not be a fan of change, most people are probably interested in saving money. The newer energy-efficient bulbs will accomplish that goal.

If you stocked up on traditional bulbs at home and prefer using them, you're perfectly free to do so. It's not illegal to use the old standard bulbs. This new law only affects the manufacturing and/or importing of less efficient standard bulbs.

The new law does not apply to three-way, decorator or appliance bulbs.

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