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Driving You Crazy: When to Wait for Pedestrians

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LAS VEGAS - A viewer asks if drivers need to wait for pedestrians to completely cross the street in a crosswalk before proceeding.

The law states drivers must yield to pedestrians if they are on the half of the road where the vehicle is stopped. So, a right-turning car could turn before a pedestrian reaches the vehicle's half of the street or after the pedestrian has cleared the vehicle's path.

The law continues, however, "Drivers should stop when the pedestrian is approaching closely from the opposite half of the road." This can be confusing for drivers.

Metro Police says a vehicle cannot affect or alter a pedestrian's path. Rather than try to determine a pedestrian's walking speed or whether you can drive safely before a pedestrian reaches your side of the street, why not wait a few extra seconds for the pedestrian to completely cross the street?

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