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Pepper Spray Selling Strongly in Nevada

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LAS VEGAS -- A criminal can strike at any second, and new numbers show more people are protecting themselves against crime and violence.

Background checks for gun sales in Nevada have climbed by more than 10,000, or 8 percent, from last year. In addition, consumer sales of Mace brand pepper guns and defense sprays grew by 63 percent.

"Anytime you see economic downturn, you see people turn to self-defense," said Cole Miller with the Zombie Apocalypse store.

Miller says pepper spray is a big seller.

"I've had friends come in here, and buy it, that work on the Strip, and they have those walks from the casino to the employee parking and they've had close calls," he said.

"I have people buy it almost every day," said Leslie Hahn with Hahn's World of Surplus in North Las Vegas.

For customers, pepper spray means protection.

"They want their loved ones safe, and it's pretty scary out there," Hahn said.

"It's always good to have, like in the season we're in now where you can have shopping and parking lots and people carrying packages to their cars," said Jack Belleau, who carries pepper spray.

Eric Crawford, the vice president of sales at Mace Security International says when people buy personal security products, they are taking steps to enhance their peace of mind, just like fastening a seatbelt or locking the front door.

"It's about making a smart decision to protect yourself. You never know what can happen. It's a relatively inexpensive insurance policy to purchase or carry a safe self-defense spray."

North Las Vegas Police spokeswoman Chrissie Coon says it's important to know how to use pepper spray .

"Know if you're going to be out and about, and it's a very windy day, and if somebody were to try to attack you, if you tried to spray them with pepper spray, it might come back and hit you, and it could potentially incapacitate you more even so than your assailant."

While the spray is non-lethal, it's still painful and should be kept away from children. Non-lethal pepper guns and defense sprays can be carried on key chains.

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