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Cold Weather Makes Pipes and Plants Vulnerable

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LAS VEGAS - A cold snap is bearing down on Las Vegas. Freezing temperatures can burst pipes and kill plants if homeowners don't take steps to protect them.

When it gets too cold, the water inside pipes can freeze. That causes the water to expand and burst the pipe, leading to hundreds of dollars in repairs and no running water.

To prevent this from happening, tape a towel around the pipes to keep them insulated. New products are also available to cover your pipes.

"If it's freezing conditions, plumbers, landscapers, anybody called out to do that are very busy doing this for other people, and their costs go up," said Roger Poland with Frostbite Products. "It could be anywhere from two hundred to eight hundred dollars, considering what kind of valve is being damaged."

Homeowners also need to protect their plants from the cold. People are urged to get their supplies before the cold weather hits.

Burlap is the material of choice when protecting plants. Wrap the burlap around palm trees. If you have plants, toss the burlap on top of the plants at night and remove it in the morning.

"I would just leave it overnight. When the sun comes out, when it's nice and sunny during the day, even if it is forty five, fifty degrees, your plants will be okay," said Gus Marquez with Ewing Irrigation.

The purpose of covering your plants is to avoid frost build-up that can kill them over time. The burlap costs approximately five dollars.

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