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Shoppers Crowd Stores for Black Friday Deals

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LAS VEGAS -- Over the last two months of this year retail stores in this country will rake in more than $600 billion.

A sizeable chunk of that money comes from shoppers on one special day, Black Friday.

Even with many stores opening early on Thanksgiving, including big retailers like Best Buy and Wal-Mart, analysts don't expect any dent in Black Friday shopping.

Bargains on everything from shoes to electronics seems to be enough to make people willingly put up with almost anything.

"It started last night at like 4 o'clock then went on to about midnight then we slept and woke up at 5 a.m. and continued," Black-Friday shopper Cindy Thai said.

They don't care what other people might think.

"There are a lot of discounts. A lot of stuff is cheaper than usual. It is not crazy. Why is it crazy?" shopper Rishab Dulam, who has been awake for 48 hours, said.

"I've been shopping since about 6 a.m. and shopping for everyone. Just came to see what deals I could find," shopper Maria Zaccheo said.

Many people actually enjoy the experience. Possibly for the same reason children like merry-go-rounds.

"I'm really dizzy right now, I don't know what I want to shop even," Dulam said.

Even though many stores broke tradition and opened on Thanksgiving, market researchers say 88 percent of shoppers will look for deals on Black Friday.

Maybe the frenzy is due to this shopping season being six days shorter than last year.

or it has become tradition.

"I come from a family, who I would consider very shopaholic, so I've been doing this since I was like 4 years old," Thai said.

The National Retail Federation expects retail sales to be up 4 percent during the last two months of the year. That is higher than last year's growth, but below the 6 percent pace seen before the recession.

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