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11/20/13 4-yr Old Ja'irus is Autistic But Promising

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Life as a foster child is tough enough, but as an autistic foster child, you'd think there would be plenty of reason for today's Wednesday's Child not to smile.   But Dave Courvoisier claims, just the opposite is true.

4 years old Ja'irus makes a great first impression.

"That he has a beautiful smile, he's super sweet, um he's very bright, and he's loving, and we hope he finds a good home," says Cherina, Ja'irus' case worker.

We're at Sunset Park, and Ja'irus is pretty clingy to his case worker Cherina, but definitely curious about the geese around the pond.  

Ja'irus is a pretty high-functioning autistic child.   He's playful, active, and understands what you're saying... But he does not really verbalize yet.

"To be honest with you he's so young it's hard to say. We're hoping that his verbal skills will improve, but were not really sure, um I think as he grows I think his personality will remain the same and his demeanor will remain the same," adds Cherina

Ja'irus is a handsome child who does break into a big smile from time to time, and seems fascinated with sounds and is very responsive for an autistic child.

"He loves hugs he loves to be tickled he likes for you to cuddle him, so he loves that, and he's more prone to adults, than children," claims Cherina.

Ja'irus would do best in a home where there's a lot of one-on-one.

"I think he would definitely benefit from a two-parent household, potentially maybe like a stay-at-home mom or a stay-at-home dad just so he can have that extra attention he needs. I think if he did have a placement with siblings, it would be beneficial if they were older than him. He does like animals," says Cherina.

Ja'irus is free and clear for adoption.   All the services that now support him would continue after adoption, so take the first step in adopting him now by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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