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Name of New Taco Shop Causing Controversy

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LAS VEGAS -- The Container Park is just days from opening, but one restaurant planned for the new shopping center is already causing controversy.

It is a taco shop, but 8 News NOW is not showing the name because it is the equivalent of the F-word in Spanish.

Community members say displaying the name on outside signage would take away the family-friendly feeling downtown is trying to promote.

When the sign for the Los Angeles taco shop went up in downtown's Container Park, community members came forward.

The Spanish word that is the name of the restaurant is considered profanity in the Latino community.

"Would we ever have considered a restaurant opening being called, F-ing burgers?" one concerned citizen asked.

"The way it is used in Hispanic culture is derogatory," another person pointed out.

Managers of the new eatery say the word merely means hired kitchen help and is not offensive, but many downtown disagree.

"It doesn't really matter what the true definition of [the word] is. My people, in my community, see it as profanity," one concerned citizen said.

Leaders with the city of Las Vegas worried that if the sign stayed up it would have alienated families.

Owners of the taco shop voluntarily agreed to take the sign down, at least outside. Inside, the word will still be displayed on signage and menus.

The city council agreed it is a fair compromise, because there will be alcohol served inside. Council members don't believe kids will be there anyway.

City Councilman Bob Coffin says the Container Park was marketed for families.

"The particular word is the F-bomb," Coffin said. "We have to recognize those things in a child-friendly area. We don't want people to be embarrassed."

Nearby business owner Andres Ramirez is shocked that the word was posted publicly.

"There isn't a single individual, a student who studies the Spanish language who will be permitted to use that word inside a classroom, inside a home, inside any type of family setting," Ramirez said.

"I found it offensive, first of all. Second of all, I didn't know that you could use that type of language in a business name," resident Ebeth Palafox said.

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