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Williams Elementary Students Seek to Free Whale

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NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. - They made a video and created a song. More than anything, first graders at Tom Williams Elementary have written more than 100 letters to try and free Morgan the Orca from captivity.

Morgan the Orca is currently in a tank in Spain. Her three-year plight has drawn worldwide attention.

"They put her in a small tank, and the big whales pick on her," said Williams student Bryan Bocardo.

Learn How You Can Help Free Morgan

"We put together this school-wide competition called ‘Write a Letter, Change the World', and we had just excellent participation," said teacher Robin Vircsick. "It was interesting. Originally, I wanted to use it to teach writing and geography. The more they found out about other whales in captivity, the more that math was brought into it, because they wanted to know how big are these orcas and how small are these tanks."

Signs that show Morgan line the walls at Williams Elementary, a reflection of the students' hard work. Their competition precedes a December 3rd hearing in the Netherlands, where Morgan's fate will be decided.

If only the judge could hear these students. "I want to tell them about Morgan, so they hopefully can free her, and she'll be really happy," said student Ruby Cisneros.

"With her mom, dad, brothers and sisters," added student Abigail Cisneros.

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