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I-Team: Numerous Legal Delays in 2007 Las Vegas Strip Shooting

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Robert Jackson Robert Jackson
Brittney O'Dale was in Las Vegas for her bachelorette party when she was shot. Brittney O'Dale was in Las Vegas for her bachelorette party when she was shot.

LAS VEGAS -- A man charged with shooting four people on the Las Vegas Strip is out on the streets again. Once on the U.S. Marshal's Most Wanted fugitive list, Robert Jackson isn't even on home curfew anymore. It's because his trial has been delayed seven years.

Robert Jackson and his attorneys have successfully convinced judges to reduce his bail to nothing and get numerous delays. This makes one of the shooting victims furious. She wonders why Jackson is able to walk free while she can barely walk at all.

Two gangs called "Wood" and "The Squad" squared off in front of O'Shea's casino in August 2007. Brittney O'Dale was in Las Vegas for her bachelorette party.

"We heard five loud shots. Just chaos. People running everywhere. I fell to the ground," O'Dale said.

Her leg was shattered by a bullet and she was in unbearable pain.

"Just intense, burning, hot, awful pain that you can't even understand."

Police found a gun which led them to the gun's owner, Eric Pratt. He told a grand jury that, not only was he Jackson's friend, he was there the night that Jackson took that gun and shot it towards the opposing gang and ended up hitting four bystanders. Other witnesses matched the shooter's clothes with what Jackson wore that night based on casino surveillance video. The manhunt began and the television show "America's Most Wanted" brought out leads nationwide.

Jackson was caught in Chicago two years later. Facing 11 felony charges, including attempted murder, Jackson's scheduled trial kept getting postponed. Each postponement resulted in Jackson's bail being decreased from $500,000 to $250,000 to house arrest and then to nothing at all.

"Because it was getting in the way of his rap production career, he needed to have all of his house arrest restrictions removed. Because the curfew of 6 p.m. was not allowing him to perform his business duties," O'Dale said.

Jackson hasn't updated his own Facebook site in a while. His mug shot is his profile photo and his favorite movie appears to be "The Devils's Advocate." His mother Michelle Jackson has posted online, "my son is innocent, until proven guilty. The media is lying about facts. He is being tried by the media."

She has added multiple photos of Jackson smiling with family, including two children he fathered, while the court trial stretched on. The Jackson family and his attorney declined the I-Team's requests for interviews.

"When I found out he was released from his house arrest, I had a panic attack and I didn't know when I left work that day, I didn't know if I was driving home or if I was going to have to have a co-worker take me to the hospital. It was just sheer panic all the time for six years," O'Dale said.

Even though Jackson was caught and arrested two years after the shooting, he denies being in a gang and on the run. He claims he simply didn't know he was one of America's most wanted fugitives. But police say when they arrested Jackson, he tried to pass himself off as a sovereign citizen who is independent of the law.

Prosecution papers state Jackson went by the name "Sa el" with a Moorish American ID card claiming "diplomatic immunity." As Jackson continues to live his life free of any legal restrictions, O'Dale thinks of the restrictions she lives with every day.

"I think about him, quite literally, with every step that I take, because every step is painful," she said.

Jackson's trial has been delayed, in part, because his attorney is already busy with other major trials. At this point, Jackson won't face a jury until June 2014, a full seven years after the shooting on the Las Vegas Strip.

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