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Las Vegans Looking for Family in the Philippines After Typhoon

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LAS VEGAS -- Some 120,000 Filipino-Americans call southern Nevada home and a number of them are still trying to track down their families and friends after the massive typhoon that slammed into the island country three days ago.

Some people have heard back, while others are still hoping for the best. The Filipino community is coming together to raise money for aid and to give support to those who are waiting for any kind of word from their loved ones.

Karren Corrigador is one of those people watching the images of the devastation for any sign of someone she might know.

"When I first saw the video, I cried," Corrigador said, "We see a lot of bodies lying down. Sometimes I try to pause it and see if I recognize them."

Corrigador is one of a number of Filipino-Americans here in Las Vegas, trying to reach friends and relatives devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.

Messages she has left on the phone and online are still left unanswered

"There is no status, no communication," Corrigador said.

Lolita Britton left the Philippines for Las Vegas back in the 80s and has not seen her parents since then. Now, after this latest typhoon, she's not sure if she'll ever see them again.

"I call everyday, no response," Britton said.

Filipino community leader Gloria Caoile, with the non-profit Feed the Hungry, is reaching out to help people like Britton in hopes of connecting her with her family. She says many in the community have also stepped up as well.

"The devastation is just beyond belief," Caoile said. "People have been calling nonstop, emailing, 'what can we do? What should we do?'"

Some families are already getting good news.

Natricia Tricano lost contact with her mother when the storm hit Friday.

"You are nervous something terrible is going to happen," Tricano said.

Tricano was online asking for prayers, and Sunday she finally got the call she had been waiting for, her mother is okay.

"I needed everybody's prayers because you just don't know," Tricano said.

Corrigador has found her best friend's name on a survivors' list online. Now, she's hoping for similar news about her family.

"Just pray every night for their safety," she said.

To donate to help the people of the Philippines, go to the following websites:

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