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Family Holds Out Hope for 6-Year-Old Struck by Car

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LAS VEGAS -- Police are still looking for the driver who struck a 6-year-old girl on Halloween night and then left the scene. The child remains in critical condition.

Brazyl Ward's mother, Tiffany Ward, has spent 12 days by her daughter's bedside in a hospital room at University Medical Center. She reads to her, cares for her and looks for signs her child will recover.

Halloween was on it's way to becoming a memorable night for the Ward family for all of the right reasons. There was candy, costumes and smiles all around. After trick-or-treating for an hour in their neighborhood near Buffalo Road and Tropicana Avenue, the family was ending the night so 6-year-old Brazyl could finish her homework.

While walking through a designated cross walk, a car reportedly going 80 to 100 miles per hour came barreling through a residential area. What happened next, Brazyl's mother will never forget.

"I literally swung my son out of the way. I said BJ move out of the way and I jumped. As I jumped I looked back I saw my daughter fly up in the air," Tiffany Ward said.

Now, she and her husband, have been camping out at UMC to be with Brazyl who is still in a medically-induced coma. Their daughter had surgery to remove part of her skull and relieve pressure to her brain. There have been positive signs of brain activity.

"She grabbed my hand. She did a little small smirk on her face," Tiffany Ward said. "Oh my God I burst into tears. I couldn't believe this was happening because I was actually talking to the nurse and just holding her hand and when I pulled away a little bit she grabbed my hand like 'don't let go mommy.'"

In the past 24 hours, nurses have suggested that the family let Brazyl's brain rest and begin to recover on its own. They have requested the family give Brazyl quiet time.

Her parents are now sending silent prayers and also hoping the person responsible for Brazyl's condition will be found.

"I just want to know why they didn't slow down, seeing us, all of us. My children were wearing bright colors for that reason and it was like it didn't matter," Tiffany Ward said.

Medical bills are stacking up for the Ward family and there are some events being held to help raise money for the family. Click here for details.


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