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11/6/13 12-yr-old Isaiah is Shy But Loving

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Halloween came before we had the chance to introduce all the Wed's Child candidates we shot with at Halloween Mart.   And our foster child today is really someone you need to meet.    Dave Courvoisier says Isaiah is the kind of guy who is Mr. Personality, until you turn on the camera... but we managed to get past that.

Isaiah couldn't quite picture himself in any of the costumes here, and really didn't want to even have his picture taken either (hides face).

But he started to warm up as we took a walk down the creep-walk of ghoulish characters.

Isaiah is twelve, and has had plenty of reasons to believe adults have not his best interests in mind.

"He can be a little standoffish. He's had a lot of hurt, so trust is an issue," says Kim, his Case Worker.

Isaiah finally gravitated to the "guy" stuff...you know, swords... knives... a chainsaw

"What is that supposed to be?!" asks Isaiah, brandishing a fake plastic chainsaw.

In the end, Isaiah settled on this costume... And almost didn't want to take it off.

This young man has plenty of smarts.   He wants to love and be loved:

"You know Isaiah, he's easily, um, he's a kid that's really easy to warm up to and he wants to be friends with you,… he wants a family, he wants that affection, he has affection, it's there, he loves the whole family environments," adds Kim.

Isaiah would do best in a home with plenty of structure and lots of love.

"I think Isaiah's perfect home would be a home that has both parents, a mother, a father figure would be very important, like I said before, an older brother, older siblings would be best for Isaiah somebody that would play sports with him mentor with him take some time, you know, you know just hang out with him," explains Kim.

Isaiah is open to adoption, and D-F-S would like to place him as soon as possible.   If you're interested, contact the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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