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8 on Your Side: Company Fails to Deliver on Gun Purchase

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LAS VEGAS - James Hellard is a straight shooter. He is a Vietnam veteran, who served 32 years in the Marine Corps as a sniper. Today, he calls himself a gun enthusiast.

"I shoot anything, muzzle loaders, A-R 15s, fully automatic, I shoot anything," he said.

Earlier this year, he wanted to add an A-R 15 to his collection. "It's something like we carried in Vietnam," he said.

He found one online on a website called USA Ammo and pulled the trigger on the purchase. He ordered the gun for $900, but it never arrived. After six months of waiting, he tried to cancel the order. The company, however, refused his request.

"I've been ripped off," he said.

Restitution seemed unlikely after the Texas-based company disconnected its phones and took down the website. That was after 8 on Your Side began investigating them.

8 on Your Side talked with company representatives numerous times by phone. Each time, the representative said the company could not discuss details regarding Hellard's situation.

The company said it had been contacted by a reporter before. CBS's Houston affiliate, KHOU, visited USA Ammo's office to get answers about Hellard's sale. The reporter confronted USA Ammo owner Robert Dunlap, but failed to get results.

Hellard isn't alone. Many USA Ammo customers nationwide have similar complaints about the company. At least 32 complaints against USA Ammo have been filed with the Better Business Bureau - most by costumers who say they never received the items they purchased.

Refusing to give up on his dream of owning an A-R 15, Hellard bought one on another website for $1,200. He finally has his gun.

He says he learned he can be taken down by a bad business, but he vows it will never happen again. "Like being a sniper, some days you're really good and some days, you get shot," he said.

If you have a problem you want investigated, contact 8 on Your Side at 702-650-1907.

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