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8 on Your Side: Moving Company Leaves Couple Stranded

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LAS VEGAS - Derita Knox remains optimistic as she walks through her empty home. A few items and an air mattress occupy the empty space.

Derita and her husband Johnny moved in May from North Carolina to Las Vegas. They took a few items in their car, such as a giant stuffed bear the movers forgot to pack.

"My husband won this for me at Magic Mountain," Derita said.

Their moving truck was supposed to arrive in June, but it never did. Derita and Johnny still do not know where their belongings are located.

They hired a broker online to find a moving company. The company the broker found, Uncle Sam's Moving Company, has disappeared.

Uncle Sam's is based in Sanford, North Carolina. The company holds numerous phone numbers - most of which are out of service. No one answers at the one number that is not out of service.

Uncle Sam's Moving Company has held Johnny and Derita's belongings for six months. Many of the items are irreplaceable.

"I got a picture of my dad and my sister when we were like five-years-old," Derita said. "I don't want to lose those things. My husband's mother's bible, you know, it is just a lot of stuff."

For months, she turned to law enforcement, state agencies in Nevada and North Carolina and the federal government. She says the agencies offered little help.

"Everybody says, ‘Oh yeah, that's a shame, but we can't help you. Sorry miss. Why don't you try this thing, that thing?'" she said. "You try them, and everybody gives you the same answer."

For now, she waits on empty promises in an empty house, hoping she will eventually get her pictures, her memories and her life story back.


Since meeting with Derita and Johnny that day, Michelle continued to pressure the Federal and State government agencies to do something to find their belongings. And it appears all that pestering has paid off!

Several days ago, the North Carolina Highway Patrol was sent to find the owner of Uncle Sam's Moving Company. Once they found him, they also found all of Derita and Johnny's belongings.

The Knox's told 8 News NOW they have hired another moving company to bring their things to Las Vegas and should arrive soon.

Michelle's work also has led the Federal government to pursue an investigation into Uncle Sam's Moving Company. 8 On Your Side hopes to update what that investigation yields in the coming weeks.

If you have a problem you want investigated, call 8 On Your Side at 702-650-1907.

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