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10/30/13 Sibling Set of Five Needs a Halloween Adoption

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On this Halloween eve, we thought it would be the perfect time to take Wednesday's Child to the Pumpkin Patch.  But hang onto your hats, we have a sibling group of five to show you... and because they're so all active, we had to pay close attention to put names with faces.

Before these kids scattered to the four winds, we got this group picture of them all, and then we headed off to the petting zoo.

First, you should know that this kids are bonded and love each other and need to stay together.

"Yes there very bonded… very close to each other. Of course like a sibling group they fight constantly, over everything, a lot of arguing, but there very bonded to each other. They've had each other their whole lives, and I think they need to stay together," says Vicky, the foster mother, who admits the oldest -- Lanasia, at eight -- tries to be a mother to the younger ones.

"She's probably the mother hen of everybody she tries really hard to keep her sisters and brothers in line (laughs), help me out, she's a big help her… she loves to help with everything," admits Vicky.

Next in age are boys Chamille -- the most giving -- and Kaejon, the athlete.

"Kaejon, is six and he's, he's our little football player… he's our wheelbarrow I'd say, he's all boy, 100% boy, he's totally into sports and whatever you can throw at him," claims Vicky.

Two girls round out this sibling set.   Marcella, who is 4, and little sister Armani at age 2.

"Marcella is four and she's in preschool and she's a very loving, outgoing, courageous, fearless pistol! keeps you on your toes!" exclaims Vicky.

These youngsters would be a blessing to any home.

"They are appreciative, they're smiling all the time you know they they try so hard to please, they're eager to please and they've had to overcome a lot, a lot, in their short the lives to get where they are.  They're pretty basically an easy little group for six to keep happy, I mean you know they're easy to please, they there eager to please you, you know they just they just want a mom and dad, that's all they want." adds Vicky.

There is a 6th sibling, but she is going to live with her natural father, and whomever adopts the other kids would want to make sure they get to see each other once-in-a-while.
Call the local office of the Adoption Exchange if you're interested in this sibling set.   The  number is 436-6335.

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