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Shooting Suspect Insists He Thought the Gun Was Empty

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HENDERSON, Nev. -- A judge set bail at $200,000 for the man who claims he didn't know his gun was loaded when he put it to a woman's head and pulled the trigger.

Colin Lowrey, 22, appeared in Henderson justice court Wednesday morning for his bail hearing on the murder charge.

According to the arrest report released Wednesday, on Oct. 22, the day of the shooting, Lowery and friends, including the victim 23-year-old Cherish Pincombe, were up all night playing video games, drinking and chatting with random people over the internet.

At one point, a person they were talking to online asked if they had guns and asked them to show her the weapons, which is when Lowery brought out his pistol.  

He also told police that he took the weapon apart, and he thought it was not loaded.

Pincombe slept over at the apartment that night. In the morning, she joined Lowrey, who was still talking to people online.  

He told police he stepped away from the computer desk where the gun and Pincombe were to go to the bathroom, which is when Lowrey believes Pincombe put the clip back into the gun.

He told police he racked the slide of the gun, placed it against her head and pulled the trigger, still believing it was not loaded. 

When he called 911, he told dispatchers he had accidentally shot the woman.

Lowery's attorney said his client, who is an active Army Reservist, should be charged with accidental death or voluntary manslaughter, but not murder.

"[They were] kidding around saying, 'hey,' holding the gun to each others heads on the Skype," attorney Stephen Stein said, "She put the clip back in and supposedly chambered a round."

Lowrey's lawyer claims the situation was a tragic accident, which is hard for Pincombe's friend, and Lowrey's roommate of five months, to hear.

"He has to deal with those consequences," David Dennison said, "If it was an accident or it wasn't, plain and simple a young girl lost her life when she shouldn't have. There is no excuse."

A preliminary hearing is set for Nov. 6. Lowrey's lawyer plans to argue for the bail to be reduced.

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