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8 on Your Side: Scam Targets NV Energy Customers

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LAS VEGAS - A new twist on an old scam is targeting hundreds of NV Energy customers in the valley.

The scammer calls people claiming to represent NV Energy and urging the people who answer the phone to pay their past due utility bills immediately. The caller only accepts payment with a Green Dot money card, which can be purchased at various stores.

Joe Spears and Victoria Vinson experienced this scam. Spears hung up on the caller, thinking it was a scam. Vinson's uncle received the call. He paid, but the caller kept calling.

Unable to pay them more money, Vinson's uncle asked them to call her instead. She immediately recognized it was a scam. Her uncle lost $200 in this deal.

Spears and Vinson want other people to know about this scam, so no one else gets taken.

"I just want them to be alert. A scam like this is coming around and can happen to anybody," said Vinson.

"I want folks to know that these kinds of things are happening and be aware they are happening," said Spears.

These scammers are also orchestrating this rouse in multiple languages. Spears' caller spoke English. The one who called Vinson's uncle spoke Spanish.

NV Energy says they never call customers regarding late payments. If you are late on a bill, they will only notify you by mail.

You should also remember to never pay anyone you don't know with a Green Dot money card. It's the same as paying them cash or wiring them money. If a caller insists you pay him or her with a Green Dot card, that is a red flag it could be a scam.

If you have a problem you want investigated, contact 702-650-1907.

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