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10/23/13 Cherry Is Finding Her Way in a New Land

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Today's Wednesday's Child is 10 years old, but celebrating her first Halloween ever.
Dave Courvoisier explains how that happened, and how this is a really special kid!
Here's cherry's story:

Halloween must seem like a very strange custom indeed to someone who was raised in a faraway land.   Cherry is 10, and learning America fast!

She's just learned a few new words today and what were she's learned is "dress up", so she was so happy about that," explains Rich, an adoption recruiter for DFS.

Dress-up indeed.   Cherry is right in sync with the Halloween custom... Trying one costume... After another... After another....and on and on.

Cherry was brought up in the western provinces of China, and pretty much abandoned here by a relative.   She's adjusting quickly.

"Mandarin is her first language, and she's currently trying to learn English, and it's a little difficult for her but she's definitely progressing with the language and with the culture and you know she is just a bright little girl you can tell how happy she is she wants to be a little princess," says Rich.

Other than Halloween, Cherry is also looking forward to other perks of living in America.

"You know what she wants, I mean Disneyland is one of the big things for her she's like I want to go to Disneyland! She just wants to fit in you know and she is just acclimating to American culture," adds Rich.

But Cherry is no different from any other foster child who just needs a permanent loving home to call her own.

"She just needs a family, because she's a very very bright young girl, and she's definitely goal oriented, so were definitely good need a family who's able to mold and support her goals. I think that's very important," says Rich.

Our thanks to the folks at the Halloween Mart for letting us try on all those costumes.   Cherry is free and clear for adoption, and DFS would love to find a Chinese-related family for her... But everyone will be considered.   Just call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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