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Coroner DUI Program Aims to Stop Repeat Offenders on the Road

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LAS VEGAS -- There have been 79 deadly crashes in Metro's jurisdiction with many of them being alcohol-related. Metro Police are cracking down as there are more than 4,600 DUI related arrests so far this year.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson is stepping in with a unique and serious way to stop people from making the same choice in getting behind the wheel drunk.

Penalties for any DUI include fines, possible jail, prison time, revoked drivers license, and now the Coroners DUI Program.

Beginning in November, Wolfson said more DUI offenders will be court-mandated to take this three-hour course where they hear gruesome stories of DUI victims.

Edgar Guerrero was ordered to the program by a judge because of a DUI, his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit.

"They were all very interesting because they were all different situations," Guerrero said. "I'm kind of anxious to see bodies."

DUI offenders are preparing to face to lifeless victims of deadly DUI's. Attendance has been increasing with 1,100 so far this year.

In Metro's jurisdiction there have been 17 DUI-related deaths this year as of October 9.

The numbers are down from the previous two years, when the statistics were more than double at this time. DUI arrests are also down by more than a thousand.

"I consider alcohol the worst drug there is and I don't even know why it's legal, tell you the truth," Guerrero said. "The effects that it gives you outweigh the pleasure."

The coroner's office also has a similar scared-straight program for teens that is optional.

The program will show how violent behaviors can lead to death.

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