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Positive TB Test for One Valley Family

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LAS VEGAS -- The 140 infants and their families contacted by the Southern Nevada Health District are getting the results of their tuberculosis tests and some are reporting they are infected with the disease.

The health district contacted the families after hospital employees in Summerlin Hospital's Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit tested positive for the potentially deadly infection over the summer.

According to the health district, 26 people have been diagnosed with TB, but the district has not released the results of the hundreds of people it started testing last week.

One family have already received its results and they're devastating.

Glen Martin and his wife had two daughters. Those girls grew up and had their own daughters. Finally, one of Glen's daughters, Jenifer Davis, gave birth to a boy, Jax Davis, five weeks early, which meant he needed to be in the NICU.

"He was just so, so happy, talking about 'I'm going to take him fishing.' and this was when I was only 14 weeks pregnant,' Jenifer Davis, Jax's mother, said.

Davis says her dad was with her every step of the way.

He was at the doctor's appointment for the ultrasound and then visited Jax in Summerlin Hospital's NICU, while the premature baby struggled to breath.

"With him being in the NICU, it was hard enough, and having the support of all of our family and coming down to the hospital. They are there to help you and support you and I feel like it is being turned around on me," Davis said.

Davis' family visited every day. They had no idea another mother and her baby, who both eventually died, had spread tuberculosis to hospital staff.

The family needed to be tested. Davis' father has diabetes making him at greater risk of infection. His results have come back positive.

"If he wouldn't have come to the hospital, or if I would have known," Davis said.

Glen Martin will now have to go on antibiotics for six to eight months to avoid a potential respiratory infection.

Davis tested negative and so did her newborn son.

According to the health district, the tests are often unreliable on young infants and the baby will need to be tested again at six months and again at a year.

He will also be put on antibiotics as a precaution.

"I just wish there were better policies and procedures put in the hospital, so this doesn't happen to anybody else," Davis said.

The Southern Nevada Health District says it is possible among all the people they are testing, to find people who already had tuberculosis before visiting Summerlin Hospital.

Officials say the hospital followed all policies and procedures.

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