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10/16/13 Alonn & Howard: Brother/Sister Try for Adoption a 3rd Time

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It takes a lot of guts for Wednesday's Child today to agree to be on TV for the 3rd time!
That's why they're willing to do it.   They figure they have nothing to lose. They're a brother/sister pair with plenty of potential.

When we first met Alonn and her younger brother Howard two years ago at County Fire Station 22, we figured the adoption calls would pour in.  

A year later, at u-swirl, we found out there were some close calls with adoption, but nothing final.

Now here we are -- another year has gone by -- and these two are still hopeful.   Their case worker talked to them about it, on the way over to our shoot at Pole Position:

"So they know what this is about they've done it before and they're willing to do it again. Because I put it in their hands. They're old enough to have a say. And they said yes were going to do this!" says Kirsten, Alonn & Howard's Adoption Recruiter.

Through all the ups and downs, Alonn has learned to handle life:

"She's doing really well, she's in the seventh grade, she is having a good time at school, she's making friends, she tells me she's doing really good at math and science, which is exciting," adds Kirsten.

Howard gravitates to the boy things:

"...Dirt biking if he could, he'd love to play hockey more if he could.

They need each other, and they need a permanent loving home:

"They have enormous potential, in the right situation. Like a lot of these kids they need to be in a stable home, a loving home, where they have structure and attention, and love… and just normalcy sand the sky would be the limit for them," admits Kirsten.

We hope this is the last time we profile Howard an Alonn on Wed's Child. They deserve a home.   To begin the process of adopting them, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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