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Union Members Caught on Tape Harassing Tourists

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LAS VEGAS -- Tourists come to Las Vegas for vacation, not to be insulted.

However, a labor dispute is taking a nasty turn outside one of the most upscale hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

Some members of the Culinary Union are verbally abusing visitors to the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Tourists have been called "skanks", "scabs" and "ugly." Right now, culinary members are picketing the Cosmopolitan because the union is demanding a contract for more two years.

"Stay out of the Cosmopolitan. Say no to the Cosmopolitan. Support the workers," union member yelled during a rally on the Strip Friday.

Patrons walking into the Cosmopolitan are being called out and called names.

"You are crossing the picket line pal. You with the camera. You are trash. You are trash!" one union member said.

One visitor after another is harassed in a town known for hospitality.

"You are losers. You are trash." a union member yelled.

What happens here is not staying here. Fox News Channel primetime host Megyn Kelly featured a story about the harassment on her show.

"It is not good publicity at all. People don't want to come here to be abused," County Commissioner Steve Sisolak said.

Video of what union members are saying, which was shot by the Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs this past Saturday, has gone viral.

"Look at these ugly girls crossing the picket line. Shame on you and your ugly pants," one union member is recorded saying.

"I was shocked. I was surprised," Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs spokesman Ron Futrell said.

Futrell says the Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs, a right-to-work advocacy group, denounces the culinary union's "guerilla tactics."

"We took these cards out there. We wanted to thank the tourists for coming to Las Vegas," Futrell said.

The culinary union says they are exercising workers' First Amendment rights.

"We don't want anybody to bad mouth the tourists. It is a tourist industry. We believe in the tourists." said Debra Stokke-Golden, culinary union member and in-room dining server at the Cosmopolitan.

Carol Clancy, a timeshare promoter, is fed up with the culinary union.

"They called me a bitch," Clancy said.

"I think it is terrible, and I think it is tacky," she said of the union's tactics. Clancy also worries the comments will reflect poorly on all of Las Vegas.

As for the negotiations, talks continue, but in the meantime, so does the trash talking.

"You need the exercise. That is shameful," a union member said.

As the picket continues, the Cosmopolitan says it continues to negotiate in good faith with the culinary union, and believes progress has been made.

A statement reads in part, "as always, our highest priority is the safety and comfort of our guest and costars (or employees) and we will continue to work with the authorities."

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