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Sheriff Denies He Worked a Deal with Arbitrator

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LAS VEGAS -- The battle over funding Metro Police became more heated Friday.

Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie angrily denied allegations made by Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak that recent contract negotiations broke the law.

"I question openly today, at the county commission, chairman level, what level of leadership is being demonstrated there," Sheriff Gillespie said in a Friday afternoon news conference.

The dispute stems from a third-party arbitrator who recently awarded a cost of living and retirement benefit increase for officers.

Commissioner Sisolak says the process didn't follow state guidelines, including a written transcript and a final written offer

Metro Police disagree. The department sent 8 News NOW documents it says proves the arbitrator was working within the law.

Department officials say they sent the information requested by Sisolak for him to review.

One of the pieces of information was a final written offer of how much the increases were going to cost tax payers.

Metro provided the document, dated Oct. 9, and says Sisolak didn't wait for the information before launching the allegations.

The sheriff flatly denied that he, or anyone in his department, did anything wrong.

"I'm offended by what an individual said, not only about me, but as well as my organization today," Sheriff Gillespie said, "I want to make it very, very clear to this community and to the organization I represent; none of those allegations are true."

Sisolak does not say that Gillespie colluded with the arbitrator. He does say there are indicators that rules were broken.

"I'm just saying this raises an awful lot of red flags. I have asked why they would not address what these red flags are and that is where I'm at right now," Sisolak said.

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The decision to increase pay for more officers is final.

Arbitrator's opinion and award

Arbitrator's supplemental opinion and award

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