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Cool at School: Court Comes to Canyon Springs High School

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NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. - It's just another Thursday on the campus of Canyon Springs High School in North Vegas. Students come and go to class. In one classroom, however, court is in session.

The Eighth Judicial Court of Nevada gives students a glimpse of life inside a courtroom.

"I'm excited. I get to spend the rest of my day here," said junior Jake Wier.

The idea to hold a real civil trial in front of students came from Judge Timothy C. Williams, who, years ago, discovered the school's teaching courtroom.

"I'm not aware of any facility like this in this country. So, I thought about it and said wouldn't it be great to bring the courts to the schools? That's how the program started," he said. "This is a real court with real lawyers, real parties, a real jury and real support staff."

Juniors and seniors in the law prep academy receive front row education with Judge Williams providing some lessons.

"Before the juries came in, he just said, ‘Make sure you guys are aware that this is a courtroom.' As soon as the jury comes in, it's real. The bailiff had us stand when the jury came in. That's something we're not used to," Wier said.

"It's so great to actually get to witness how a trial is being held," said junior Ayleen Perry.

The judge selected a case that would need a jury and could be decided within a day. To make it happen, the entire Eighth Judicial Court moved on campus.

"It's pretty cool. I spoke to a lawyer yesterday, and I mentioned to him that we are having a trial. He's like, ‘Really? That's crazy. You're so fortunate to have that. I've never heard of something like that.' I told him, ‘Yeah, Canyon Springs is pretty awesome,'" Perry said.

Once the verdict came down, the students were free to ask Judge Williams and the lawyers any questions they had. The program represents a good example of What's Cool at School.

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