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10/09/13 Davieyon and Demar Deserve a Home

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Wednesday's Child today is a pair of brothers who have each other, and want so much more!
Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Davieyon and Demar in the hopes that someone watching will want to adopt them.

Davieyon in the striped shirt, and Demar in the blue T-shirt are with some of the other kids we shot with this day at Pole Position... Intent on the pre-race instructions... And maybe just a little unbelieving that they're going to be driving around the track in a few minutes

But as they took their places behind the wheel, and then left the pit... They were quick to master the curves.

These two guys have only recently been placed in a foster home together where the foster mom is working hard to help them find each other again.

"...And Davieyon has kind of grown apart but Demar just loves his brother and he works hard at it so Davieyon is his older and he, pushes him away but I'm there to push him back, that's your brother you stay with your brother you take care of your brother that's all you have so," says Deb, the boy's foster mother.

Davieyon is doing pretty good at school, and learning to get along with others.

"The really great thing about him is if you chastise him and you tell him you fuss at him whatever he can take it and he'll just move on he will give you backtalk, he won't kill just go on and do it he's supposed to do… so he's a great kid," adds Deb.

Demar is a pretty happy kid who just worships his older brother.

"He loves to eat now, he wants a bakery when he gets older so he can eat donuts and cakes and pies and breads and pizza, so his main objective right now is to please his brother, if he's eating and his brother sits down has the same thing he has, he'll offer him his food first," explains Deb.

This is a classic example of two guys who have so much potential if they can just find the right loving home.

"All they need is to know that somebody loves them and that somebody cares for them and that they can go ahead and do what they need to do in their lives, because yeah, what happened in their life was so young you know they were so young now they can grow up and do what they need to do," says Deb.

Davieyon and Demar are free and clear for adoption.   If you think there's room in your home and your heart for these two, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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