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Records Show County Shooting Range Losing Thousands

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LAS VEGAS -- Clark County's shooting range may be losing more money than anyone would have thought. 8 News NOW pulled the financial statements for the complex and gave them to county commissioners to review.

Now, at least one of the commissioners wants to discuss the future of the shooting range.

Wednesday nights are a big night for the shooting complex because there are usually tournaments taking place and the complex can make as much as $3,000 in one night. Despite those money-making nights, records show the complex is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money every year.

On Wednesday morning, the 3,000 acre Clark County Shooting Complex was nearly empty. There were just a few target shooters and a dozen employees. The employees make sure safety procedures are followed.

According to county documents, the employees could be one reason the park is losing money.

"September, here of 2013, the labor was $100,000," County Commissioner Steve Sisolak said, pointing to financial records.

County documents show the complex lost nearly $350,000 last fiscal year and even more the previous year.

Commissioner Sisolak says the latest numbers show the park losing closer to $1 million this year.

"It wasn't until you (8 News NOW) brought it to my attention that we're losing this kind of money," Sisolak said.

He says the park was supposed to be self-sufficient and because it is not, he wants to bring the issue up at next month's board meeting to decide whether to close the range down, keep subsidizing it, or sell it off to a private company.

The program administrator for the complex, Steve Carmichael, says it will not only survive, but eventually, thrive.

Carmichael has a plan to cut paid employee hours and use more volunteers. He will also reduce the winter hours of the complex, beginning November.

"That one cut right there will save us between $30,000 and $45,000," Carmichael said.

Sisolak says he believes the county subsidies of more than $2 million, so far, should have been enough for the shooting complex to thrive.

"We're talking about increasing sales tax because we're claiming we can't fund Metro out of our general fund, yet we're going to have a $1 million a year to potentially put into a shooting range," Sisolak said.

County Commissioner Tom Collins is a big proponent of the shooting complex. He says the park is losing less money every year and he believes that the shooting complex will one day be self-sufficient, especially with the changes being made.

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