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Driving You Crazy: Construction Zone Speed Limits

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LAS VEGAS - A viewer asks if she still must obey freeway construction zone speed limits even if the zone lacks workers and the cones are off to the side of the road.

The posted speed limit of 55 miles per hour is the posted speed limit, so drivers still must obey it, even when construction workers are not present. The lower speed limits may remain as roadway configurations and construction conditions often change.

For a construction area to be considered active, however, workers must be present. So, if there aren't any workers there, and you receive a speeding ticket, the officer should note that in the citation.

You will still receive a ticket, but without those workers there, the fine may not be doubled. That is up to the courts.

Nevada Highway Patrols points out although you don't see construction workers, that doesn't mean they are not there. A car driving 60 miles per hour still travels 88 feet per second. The slower speeds are for the safety of construction workers and the motoring public who must navigate the ever changing cone zones in the valley.

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