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Driving You Crazy: Extremely Loud Car Stereos

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LAS VEGAS - A viewer asks if any traffic laws exist that restrict the volume of car stereos.

This viewer seems to be referring to the booming car stereos that can often be heard miles ahead of the vehicle itself.

You can be ticketed for playing your tunes too loudly. The law states you can't produce or amplify sound in such a manner that creates a noise disturbance. The law also states if the music is at a volume that is audible to the human ear at a distance of fifty feet, the driver is in violation. The distance changes by jurisdiction. For example, in the City of Las Vegas, it's 50 feet. In the county, it's 75 feet.

We all love playing our music, but, with technological advancements, these speakers have become extremely powerful. If you're setting off car alarms and rattling windows, you should turn down your volume or face a possible citation.

What's driving you crazy? E-mail your traffic questions and complaints to Brian Loftus.

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