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Campaign Hopes to Educate Everyone About New Law

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LAS VEGAS -- A new law impacting people who ride motorcycles, scooters and bicycles takes effect Oct. 1.

It allows them to turn or go through a red light when the green light hasn't come up for two traffic light cycles.

The problem is that sensors on the road do not feel the weight of vehicles that weigh less than a car or a truck like motorcycles, so the light does not turn green.

"I'm on a hill. I have the clutch in the brake on. You're just waiting and waiting and waiting. No traffic is coming to get the censor to activate so you're just sitting there," motorcycle rider Billy Carter said.

The new law address that problem.

Riders are allowed to legally turn left or through an intersection the third time they get a red light.

"The biggest thing that worries me is drivers not knowing we are able to do that," motorcycle rider J.P. Jaramillo said.

Nevada Highway Patrol has launched a Safe on Red public awareness campaign so everyone understands the new law.

Trooper Loy Hixson says riders must make sure there cars are far enough away before going through an intersection and that they yield the right of way, before taking the third red.

"The law is giving them permission to proceed through, but it is not protecting them from getting involved in an accident," Trooper Hixson said.

Bill Carter has been riding motorcycles for 20 years

"I've had a couple of friends die being hit by cars," Carter said.

He hopes drivers will pay more attention to motorcyclists if they end up in the way of on-coming traffic.

The Nevada Highway Patrol plans on continuing its education campaign for about two weeks.

It want to make sure all Nevada drivers know about this new law.

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