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Judge: Enough Evidence to Go to Trial in Cop Kidnapping Plot

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LAS VEGAS -- A judge ruled Thursday there was enough evidence to proceed with the case against a man and woman accused of masterminding a plot to kidnap and kill a police officer.

David Brutsche, 42, and Devon Newman, 67, have been identified as being part of a group called the Sovereign Citizen Movement. The group doesn't recognize the U.S. court system.

An undercover police officer who infiltrated the group testified during Thursday's preliminary hearing that Brutsche acted out extensive scenarios on how the kidnapping would occur, constructed an apparatus to hold a kidnapped officer and even went gun shopping.

The hearing started off with an outburst in the court from Brutsche that caused the judge to threaten to gag him.

"You're going to play by my rules," said Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Conrad Hafen.

They two are facing conspiracy to commit kidnapping. The conspiracy to commit murder charges were dropped. Police said the pair planned a scheme to kidnap a random police officer from a traffic stop and try him or her on treason charges, convict, and ultimately execute the officer.

The undercover officer testified the two even had plans for disposing of the body.

"David made the comment, 'We can just leave the body there. There is no sense in carrying around a dead body.'"

Both the prosecution and defense passed on presenting closing arguments at the end of preliminary hearing.

The judge bound defendants over for trial and set the next court date for October 8.

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