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9/25/13 Jason Gets a TV Station Tour

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We work at the TV station everyday, so it seems pretty normal to us... But to a 12-year old a TV station can be an eye-opener.   Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Jason -- this week's Wednesday's Child during a tour of KLAS.

You might remember Justin from our last Wednesday's Child report.   Today, though, we're focusing on the "other" young man you see in these pictures -- Jason... A guy who says he just wants to be wanted:

"I want part of a family that's going to be there for me," states Jason.

You can understand why he feels that way when you hear his story.

"My mom's boyfriend was abusing us, she had no idea," he says.

When the truth came out, Jason became a foster child... In and out of homes.   How many?

"I really don't know it's hard to keep track… 20 or 15, around there," Jason remembers.

And through it all, Jason finds a way to smile.

"I just initially remember having just a really good feeling about him just because he has a presence about him and he is just very positive and optimistic and he just always seems to see the bright side of things," says Traci, Jason's current foster mother.

Jason keeps busy.   He loves math.   He's likes being outdoors doing stuff, and he loves shopping.   He's had enough of facing grown-up issues...and wants to know what it feels like to be a kid.

"And I think all the hardships he's been through he still sees that you know he's able to have fun and, I can just see the positiveness that he has," adds Traci.

Jason needs a home with structure where he can feel safe.

"He wants to have a family, someone that you know, he wants to have just a permanent family someone that he can always count on someone he knows is always going to be there for him," says Traci.

Jason is free and clear for adoption...and he wants to be able to stay in touch with a sibling who lives here.
If you're interested, please start the process now by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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