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8 on Your Side Helps Business Get Its Ad Posted

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LAS VEGAS - LKQ Corporation, Inc. is the largest recycled and after-market auto parts supplier in North America. The company calls southern Nevada home. Despite its successful business, the owners felt they were lacking in one area.

"We didn't feel that we were able to reach the typical do-it-yourselfer retail customer," plant manager Carol Downing said.

Her solution was to advertise in the Spanish Yellow Pages.

"A year's worth of Yellow Page advertising for thirty five hundred dollars, it seemed reasonable to me," she said.

She signed a contract and says Spanish Yellow Pages representatives told her they would publish the ad in January.

January came and went, but the ad never published. Months went by. By August, Downing still had not received the service she paid for. She tried to contact the company to no avail.

"I never got a call back. I never got any e-mail response," she said. "I just felt so frustrated."

Fearing she was scammed, she contacted 8 on Your Side.

8 on Your Side contacted the Spanish Yellow Pages and spoke with Walt Patalina, who said this was a miscommunication.

He said the book came out in April, not January, so the January publish date Downing expected was never going to happen. Additionally, Patalina said, according to the fine print on the back page of the contract LKQ signed, the Spanish Yellow Pages has six months from the publish date to produce the book. This is designed to alleviate any unforeseen delays.

Downing disputes this claim, saying there was no back page of the contract she received via e-mail. However, a closer look reveals, in very tiny letters, the contract contains a front and back side. Most people would miss this fine print, especially if they only received a two-page e-mail.

When 8 on Your Side explained this to the Spanish Yellow Pages, Patalina contacted Downing and agreed to make things right.

"He apologized for not returning my calls or e-mails, but not to worry - that he was going to give me all my advertising for free in 2014," Downing said.

By mid-September, the book came out with LKQ's prominently displayed advertisement.

The lesson from this dispute is to always read the fine print of any contract. If you need or want something done by a certain date, get it in writing - particularly when it comes to advertising.

If you have a problem you want investigated, contact 8 on Your Side at 702-650-1907.

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