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Badge On Board Program Aims to Make Freeways Safer

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LAS VEGAS -- The Nevada Highway Patrol is focusing on traffic safety around big rig trucks and ticketing drivers who violate road rules.

For a three-day period this week, troopers are taking part in the Badge on Board program. The troopers are riding in the trucks and watching for speeding and aggressive driving, and contacting officers in marked patrol vehicles to stop and issue citations to motorists traveling too closely, tailgating, failing to yield or cutting in front of big rigs. This first day resulted in 30 citations being issued.

There is also a tractor-trailer that is traveling Interstate 15, U.S. 95 and other freeways Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday emblazoned with reminders for vehicle drivers to give commercial motor vehicles room.

In a 20-minute period Tuesday, officers pulled over four drivers and gave them a total of 10 citations. Commercial drivers are also observed. According to NHP, about 8 percent of the tickets handed out for this program go to truck drivers who are driving poorly.

The federally funded program takes place six times a year. NHP officials say it makes a difference.

"We have noticed a big decline in reckless driving around commercial vehicles," said Lt. James Olschlager, Nevada Highway Patrol.

Some truck drivers say Las Vegas is one of the worst cities to drive through.

"We sit up pretty high on the big trucks and three out of five cars I pass, everybody is looking down just like this checking their texts. If we could just get people to stop that, I think the roads would be a lot better place," said Ray Chisholm, Western Refrigerated.

He said he likes the idea of the program, but isn't sure how well it works. He says drivers not letting trucks merge or cutting them off is a frequent problem.

The average cost of the ticket being handed out is $195 plus two points on a driver's driving record.


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