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Safety of Exploding Targets Questioned After Weekend Accident

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LAS VEGAS --An explosion this weekend left a man with serious injuries to his hands and arms. Two other men suffered minor injuries.

The man was hurt while mixing legally obtained materials to make an explosive target, when the blast happened just after 8:30 a.m. Sunday on federal land near Sloan.

The exploding targets can be found online and in gun stores around southern Nevada.

Ron Cheney sells them in one of his stores but not at his shop next to the Strip called Battlefield Vegas.

"We're too close to the Strip," Cheney said, "We don't want to put binary explosives on the Strip. The town doesn't need it."

It is easy to see what happens when things go wrong with these binary explosives.

"You need a rifle, something heavy, a large-caliber handgun with a lot of velocity to make the Tannerite explode," Cheney said.

Tannerite is a popular brand of exploding targets. The packaging has instructions on the label and tutorials can be found online.

Cheney says the men either bought a defective product or were doing something completely wrong.

"I've seen people load Tannerite into old computers, old TV's. I've seen shrapnel coming at me and since that point, I've learned my lesson. I don't go around that," Cheney said.

It is not clear how the men were using the exploding targets.

Metro Police did not file an incident report because they say this was not a criminal matter.

The only offense was trespassing on federal land. The minor trespassing charges may or may not stand because there's no signs saying "no trespassing." Just a sign saying "no shooting."

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