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Jaywalking Parents, Students Create Dangerous Situation

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LAS VEGAS - Parents at Tobler Elementary School say they are fed up with other parents breaking the law by jaywalking with their kids across the street.

Arrivals and departures at most valley schools can be chaotic. At Tobler, however, some parents say the situation is frightening.

Parents park on both sides of the street, even though they can only legally park on one side. Many parents are creating parking spaces in gravel areas and jaywalking with their kids across the street, dodging vehicles in the process.

Chris Davis' children attend school at Tobler Elementary. He says he parks on campus and walks his kids inside the building. He says parents are often in a hurry.

"They just zoom through here. They don't take the speed limit into account too much," he said. "I park here and walk up, and I see ten, fifteen kids just running across the street in just the short walk from here to the gate."

In less than thirty minutes, 8 News NOW counted at least 20 parents pulling off to the side of the road and racing across the street with their kids, instead of walking approximately 30 feet to use the crosswalk.

Juan Smith's children attend Tobler. No matter how busy he is, he says he and his wife use the crosswalk with their kids.

"Everybody coming and ain't nobody stopping and waiting," he said. "They act like they don't have time to wait, but it's kids, and they feel like their car is more important than the kids."

Tobler Elementary School Principal Gary Prince is taking steps to address the problem. He called the city and requested a study of the area to determine if a mid-block crosswalk is warranted. He is adding pedestrian safety information to the next school newsletter and using an internal communication called Parentlink to warn parents. Prince is also getting the message out to students.

"Because we are meeting with the parents and because of the behavior assembly I had with the students, I think the students have a very strong message," he said. "Unfortunately, it's the parents we really got to hit hard and get them to realize there are rules out there for a reason. That's to keep their children safe."

If this is a problem at your school, and you want street improvements, such as adding a crosswalk, contact your city of residence or Clark County Public Works.

If you want add a crossing guard to your school zone, you can contact The Crossing Guard Company. Metro Police works with the company, which hires and trains guards and studies the need for guards in school zones.

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