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9/4/13 Justin is a 16-Yr-Old With One Wish

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We invited today's Wednesday's Child to see something he'd never experienced before:  the inside of a TV station !
Dave Courvoisier provided the tour, and has this profile of 16-yr-old Justin.

It takes a lot to impress a 16-yr-old these days, and Justin did his best to appear unimpressed.

We took him through the inner workings of our broadcast operation at Channel-8, and never got much comment out of him.   But we know Justin is a smart kid with hopes of extending his education past high school.

"I want to do ROTC and go into the military… one of the academies," claims Justin.

Justin's hope for the future is amazing considering his rock past... He never knew his natural father, and when I asked him how many foster homes he's been in, he said:

"Oh, a couple dozen. "

"He's been in care for many years, he's had many placements, and he suffered a lot, he's had a lot of grief and loss," says Kirsten, an adoption recruiter for DFS.

But that's behind him, and Justin has so much ahead of him.

"He's a funny kid, he's a sweet kid he's compassionate, he's working really hard in the program that he's in, to get better, I'm really proud of him for continuing with his goals with the ROTC and looking towards the future and continuing to be hopeful," adds Kirstin

Justin is so hopeful of finding a family... And he's not asking much.

"I wouldn't really want anything specific you know, I'm not one of those kind the kids that is buggy over what they pick, I just want just an overall good family," adds Justin.

"All things considered, the fact that he still wants to be adopted, that's a hopeful thing, and he says to me clearly I want a family who cares, I want somebody who's interested in my grades, comes to school, goes to my sporting events, I just want somebody who cares, and I want somebody who will do what they say they're going to do," mentions Justin.

If there's room in your home for this promising teen, please give a call to the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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