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8 on Your Side: Tips on Saving Money at Supermarkets

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LAS VEGAS - If you generate large bills at the grocery store, you are not alone. Prices are going up, and some products see higher mark-ups than others.

As 8 on Your Side discovered, you can save money by avoiding these products or finding cheaper alternatives elsewhere.

Business Insider uncovered the worst offenders. According to the group's findings, bottled water sees an average markup of 4,000 percent - making it one of the worst values at the supermarket.

Spices also see a huge mark-up at the grocery store by an estimated 100 percent.

According to consumer watch dogs, you are paying for the brand name and nothing else. One way to save money is to choose generic brands or consider growing your own.

The same survey found household items such as light bulbs and school supplies are marked up 60 percent higher at grocery stores than home improvement and office supply stores.

Name brand cereals were also marked up by 44 percent compared with generic equivalents.

Pre-cut produce sees mark-ups of 40 percent, likely because it is more convenient than produce that is not pre-cut.

One way people can save money at the grocery store is by using coupons. If coupons aren't your thing, however, you can save in other ways.

For example, you can have coupons attached to your frequent shopper card via the website Savingstar.com. The website links deals to your card, so you get the savings at checkout without clipping.

8 News NOW viewers say the site works, especially if you buy a lot of pre-packaged foods.

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