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Domestic Terrorist Suspects Reject Legal Representation

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LAS VEGAS -- David Allen Brutsche and Devon Campbell Newman went before a judge for the first time since being arrested on conspiracy and kidnapping charges stemming from a four-month undercover investigation.

Investigators said both are a part of Sovereign Citizens' Movement that doesn't believe in US laws.

Police said the pair planned a scheme to kidnap a random police officer from a traffic stop and try them on treason charges, convicting, and ultimately executing the officer.

Brutsche sat down with 8NewsNow from the Clark County Detention Center and said the allegations made by Metro Police are completely false.

"I'm not aware of really what happened, I really am not aware," Brutsche said.

For months, Metro Police said they recorded conversations between undercover officers and Brutsche. Investigators said Brutsche expressed a deep hatred for police, which he flatly denies.

"I don't hate police, there's a lot of good police," Brutsche said. "Most police are operating, they swear and up hold the constitution and they're all violating it some way everyday."

Brutsche rejected a public defender in court Friday deciding to represent himself in the case.

Glenn Truitt is the managing attorney for Half Price Lawyers and isn't representing Brutsche or Newman. Truitt suspects the court will force the pair to be represented by a public defender.

"In general, defending yourself is a terrible idea," Truitt said. "It's a challenging proposition to defend yourself against any criminal charge, especially serious criminal charges and to do so against something like domestic terrorism, that's become such a hot button issue over the past 25 years, it's an extraordinarily bad decision."

While this case begins to wind its way through the courts, the I-Team has uncovered a possible location where the murder plot was discussed at an apartment complex near Spencer and Flamingo Road.

The I-Team found one of the apartments was being used as a phony business operating without a license and it's been traced back to David Allen Brutsche.

Back in 2011, Brutsche submitted paper work to the Clark County Recorders office announcing his sovereign status. He even gave the county a list of fees he would charge the county if he was ever arrested.

Brusche charges $200 dollars an hour with the first 20 minutes being free.

The pair is scheduled back in court September, 9th.

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