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Suspect Denies Connection to Plot to Kidnap, Kill Police Officer

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Devon Newman Devon Newman
David Brutsche David Brutsche

LAS VEGAS -- A man and woman described as domestic terrorists are accused of a plot to capture and kill a local police officer.

In a jailhouse interview, one of the suspects denies any connection to the plot.

David Allen Brutsche, 42, a six-time convicted felon and registered sex offender in California and Devon Campbell Newman, 67, were arrested Wednesday. Both face charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

According to the arrest report, the two belong to a "sovereign citizen movement" and don't follow U.S. laws. Members of Metro's Counter-Terrorism Section had been conducting an undercover operation of Brutsche and Newman since April. 

Both had expressed a deep-seated hatred for law enforcement officers and planned to kidnap a police officer from a traffic stop, according to the report. They planned to place the officer in a makeshift jail and try the officer in a sovereign court of law for treason and civil rights violations. The officer would be convicted and then executed.

"They were not targeting a specific officer or agency. This was to be a target of opportunity. Based on this information, they were arrested Tuesday night in the southwest part of Las Vegas," Lt. James Seebock with Metro's Counter Terrorism Section said.

The report said, the plot called for using vinegar and bleach to destroy evidence on the officer's body before disposing it in the desert. 

In a jailhouse interview Thursday afternoon, Newman denied having any intentions of harming or kidnapping anyone.

"I am upset, because if this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. I have felt for a while now the police are out of control. That they are stopping people and searching them with no probable cause," Newman said.

She also denied involvement in the sovereign citizens movement. However, she did say she agreed with people that believe in restrictions on the government outlined in the Constitution.

"I align myself with people who, as our forefathers did, believe that in inalienable rights and that the Constitution restricts the government from what they can do," Newman said.

She also said that Brutsche discussed kidnapping a police officer; however, she said she did not want to participate and says she didn't think they were serious.

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