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Report Singles Out Troubled Neighborhoods by Zip Code

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LAS VEGAS -- Economic analysts say the Great Recession hit parts of Las Vegas harder than others and the same areas continue to struggle today.

Applied Analysis submitted a report to the city of Las Vegas detailing down to the zip code which neighborhoods need the most help.

Applied Analysis used several indicators to calculate which zip codes were most at risk. They looked at unemployment, foreclosures, residential and commercial vacancies, bank-owned properties and social program assistance.

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In the 89101 zip code, people are about three times more likely to use Medicaid and the supplemental nutrition assistance program. Residential vacancies are double in that area compared to the rest of the city. The report shows the highest risk zip codes in Las Vegas concentrated along east Charleston Boulevard.

Jeremy Aguero, a principal analyst with Applied Analysis, explained the report to the Las Vegas City Council at its Wednesday meeting. He said, it will allow Las Vegas to focus its resources where they are most needed.

"To go into those neighborhoods, find out where people are at risk, maybe help them to find a job, stabilize rents, those type of things in those neighborhoods where we're seeing decline or deterioration," Aguero said.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman stated the report was critical to serving certain areas of the community and could be possibly used when applying for federal block grants. The city council also mentioned the report would be passed on to numerous non-profit organizations.

"It was asymmetrical on the way down and it's asymmetrical on the way up. The recovery of our economy has not benefited everyone equally, as of yet," Aguero said.

The report was weighted, depending on the population in the zip codes, so it would show where assistance would help the most amount of people.

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