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School District Targets Cyber Bullies

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LAS VEGAS - Clark County School District leaders plan to begin the school year with a crackdown on cyber bullying. School administrators will be armed with a new law passed by the Nevada Legislature earlier this year.

School police officers say online harassment can leave lasting emotional scars on students. That's why in addition to protecting students during the school day, school officials will also monitor bullying that can happen on social media and blogs.

Senate Bill 414, which Gov. Brian Sandoval signed into law this year, makes it illegal to share images of bullying online.

School police say they can trace such images back to their original source(s) through local courts. The CCSD Police Department is also directly reaching out to students.

"We're getting out of our vehicles, doing a lot more community policing, getting out, talking to the students and making them feel more comfortable to come to us and tell us any kind of problems that they have," said CCSD Police Department Detective Tom Rainey.

Report Bullying to the Clark County School District

School district police are also urging parents to keep tabs on their kids. Officers say parents should check their child's phone or make them reveal any social media or e-mail passwords.

One mother is closely monitoring her daughter's Facebook, Twitter and Skype accounts after students pushed her daughter off a school bus, filmed it and shared it on social media.

Susan Joy says parents need to be aware of what's going on with their kids online. Joy says some students grabbed her daughter's hair, threw her on the ground and attacked her. Students filmed and shared the entire incident.

Joy is now home schooling her daughter. She is also taking significant steps to keep her children safe from these types of online images.

"They're not allowed to have cell phones. They're not allowed to be on Facebook. They're not allowed to be on Skype. The only thing they're allowed to do is school work basically. They can watch a little bit of filming. That's it."

If your child engages in cyber bullying, he or she could receive a misdemeanor charge, punishable by fines or jail time.

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