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Driving You Crazy: Red Light Protocol

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LAS VEGAS - A viewer asks what he should do when a traffic light turns red while he is waiting in the middle of an intersection to make a left turn.

This is the most common red light occurrence - when a vehicle is in the center of the intersection with a permissive green light to make a left turn and the light turns red.

Metro Police offers a general rule. Most intersections include a stop bar or stop line. When a vehicle approaches an intersection, it claims the right of way in that intersection once it crosses that stop bar on a green light.

Many times, the light will turn yellow and red while the vehicle waits to make a safe turn. The driver making the left turn still has control of the intersection until he or she clears it.

As long as the driver safely enters the intersection on a green light, he or she is safe to exit the intersection, even on a red light, without worrying about receiving a ticket.

If the light is yellow or red before the vehicle reaches that stop line, however, the driver must reduce speed and prepare to stop.

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