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8/14/13 Essence Will Sing Her Way to Your Heart

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We're rounding-out a series of follow-up Wed's Child report of foster kids we've featured before.   And each 'n' every one of 'em are outstanding and deserving of a forever home.   Today, Dave re-introduces us to "Essence".

Essence met with us in October of 2010...and impressed us then as a go-getter with a bright personality, and a ready smile.   She told us then, singing was her passion.

Well, Essence still loves singing, but now she's improved, and hoping to get into chorus this fall for her first year of high school.

"It's just that my singing has... I have like a soft voice, but now I have a better voice," explains Essence.

We caught up with Essence and other foster kids an event sponsored by "Adoption Awareness"... Trying our "hand" at all sorts of activities, including precision fishing.

And we had a moment to talk to Essence's foster mom, who says she's a delightful girl:

"I think the world is her apple, I think she could do anything if she has her mind to it, but I told her it would probably be good if she had a plan a and a plan B to be a singing star and also have a plan B just like a lot of people do," says Toni, Essence's foster mom.

Essence's "plan-B" has to do with caring for animals:

"I think probably what I would like to do is be an animal cop because I'm a person that cares for animals because I can't see them get hurt or anything and so I'm a really good animal lover because I love animals," says Essence.

Those who know her, know that Essence is more than ready for a home:

"She needs somebody that really does pay a lot of attention to her, and she needs a lot of reassurance, she does," adds Toni.

"You know sometimes we have where is your moment, and I believe this is Essence's moment, she knows that she wants to be adopted she knows that there is a family out there for her, and she's come into her own self, and sometimes as a teenager you're trying to find yourself, and Essence is definitely finding herself," says Rich, Essence's Adoption Recruiter with the Clark County Division of Family Services.

If you think there's room in your heart and home for a great young gal like Essence, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 702-436-6335, right now.

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