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Driving You Crazy: Rules Regarding Emergency Vehicles

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LAS VEGAS - A viewer asks what drivers are supposed to do if an emergency vehicle is rushing to a call on the other side of the road.

It's all about the median. The median determines if you must stop or continue driving. If the median is painted, drivers in both directions must pull over when an emergency vehicle approaches with its lights running.

If the road contains a solid, concrete median that separates opposite directions of traffic, then only drivers traveling in the same direction as the emergency vehicle must pull over. Drivers traveling in the opposite direction are not required to pull over, but should still reduce speed.

When pulling over, pull over to the right or the side of the road - parallel to the curb - and ensure you are clear of any intersection. Stay at a complete stop until the emergency vehicle has passed.

The goal is for emergency responders to reach their locations as quickly as possible.

Drivers can take other steps to ensure emergency vehicles have clear paths to their destinations. You should not increase speed when emergency vehicles approach, nor should you ignore emergency vehicles.

Drivers should also keep the volume on their car radios at a reasonable level, so they can hear sirens. Finally, drivers should give emergency vehicles on the side of the road a buffer lane to work. If you can't safely move over one lane, drop your speed by 20 mph as you pass.

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