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8/07/13 Junmarion Realizes His Firefighter Dreams

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A lot of young men go through the "I wanna be a firefighter" stage.   Today's Wednesday's Child is one of 'em.   So, Junmarion had his wish come true the other day... And he smiled through the whole experience.

Junmarion is just beaming as firemen help him try out the jaws of life on a soda can.

Almost as much fun was an encounter I had with Junmarion back in January of 2011 at the Springs Preserve.   It's when I first realized his smile was a permanent fixture.

"I'd say his biggest personality trait is his smile and his fun, he loves to have fun," says Chaz, his house parent at the group home where Junmarion stays.

That was certainly apparent as the firefighters got Junmarion all dressed up.... Marched him outside, and put a big firehose in his hands...

Later, he got all excited just talking about the experience:

"I  sprayed the water...because the hose you just need to go pull it just like that," Junmarion said with a big smile.

Junmarion is the only one of his sibling set still not adopted.   He sees his sisters once a week, but he wants a home to call his own.

"You know just talking to him about being adopted, that's one of his kind of his other thing that he really wants in life right now is to be picked up and to be a part of a family be part something bigger than where he is right now," says Chaz.

Junmarion likes school, likes video games, and loves to be active... He says he wants a "big" home.

"I think that the perfect home for him would be I mean from physical to everything else would be a big house, lots of land where he can run around, and just run rampant. And just to really great parents and then even if they had kids, siblings for him to play, he loves being with people, he loves interacting," explains Chaz.

If there's room in your heart and your home for Junmarion, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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