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Experts Examine Las Vegas Drinking Water

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LAS VEGAS -- Local scientists are working to make drinking water safer for pregnant women and infants in the Las Vegas Valley.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority is increasing testing for a toxin that can increase a woman's chance of having a miscarriage.

When it comes to drinking water, different people have different preferences.

"They say spring water is better than the filtered water, right? Mike Raffin if Henderson asks.

They also have different concerns about their tap water.

"Taking in metals like mercury or lead that we don't know of," said Miles Anderson of Las Vegas.

The SNWA is working to make the drinking water even safer. Now, scientists are testing for toxins that could increase a woman's chance of a miscarriage.

"Things that were non-detectable 10 years ago, now, we're seeing routinely," said SNWA laboratory manager Stan Van Wagenen.

He is looking for compounds -- including chloroform -- a potentially deadly poison that can increase the risk. It can form when chlorine mixes with organic waste.

"We're doing extra work, we're monitoring continuously to ensure we understand day-to-day what's going on within the distribution system," he said.

Van Wagenen says there's no current cause for concern.

"We would never want to be in a situation where we're surprised by a result," Van Wagenen said.

Testing is also being done by the Sea Lion machine which can detect high nitrate levels which can lead to health problems for infants.

More than 300 million gallons of water a day is tested. Scientists say with the improved standards, valley residents can feel confident the tap water is safe to drink.


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