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Clark County Teachers Prepare for New School Year

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LAS VEGAS - Clark County teachers are busy getting their classrooms ready for the start of the school year. Teachers are ensuring classrooms are stocked with supplies new students need to succeed.

It takes a lot of work and money to get a classroom ready. Many teachers say the trick is to bargain shop. They look for school supplies that come in bulk, or they buy generic brands to save a few dollars.

While the school district provides materials, teachers say anything extra comes out of their own pockets.

Kindergarten teacher Abigail Peterson says items such as crayons and glue sticks tend to run out first. She says having enough supplies to last the entire school year can be expensive.

"Last year, since it was a brand new grade level for me, I spent almost one thousand dollars out of my own pocket, but that includes books that I need for my classroom," she said. "Incentives for the kids, extra things, extra materials, things for my boards, alphabet games, yes, it can be pricey."

Most teachers have a list of supplies parents can donate, but Peterson says it's not mandatory for parents to do so.

Learn How You Can Donate School Supplies

For many teachers, this is the best time of year to plan and organize their lessons. Students return in a few weeks, and many teachers are using this time to put together lesson plans, organize cabinets and desks.

For Peterson, getting ready for the new school year entails a lot of work. She expects 25 students in her classroom this year. She says it's a challenge she's ready to accept.

"I think that is part of the reason that I love kindergarten, because I tend to be high-energy," she said. "I tend to do a lot of singing. I tend to talk loud anyway. So, I sign and we do a lot of moving around. We travel from center to center. That gets their bodies up and moving, because kindergartners need that. They are five and six-years-old, and they need to get up."

She says the trick to teaching a large class of young children is to make the activities fun, so they remain engaged.

The first day of school is August 26.

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