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7/31/13 Ronald Makes His 3rd Appearance on Wed's Child. We Hope It's His Last

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We're hoping third-time's-a-charm for today's Wednesday's Child.   We just can't understand why such a great kid like Ron would not be adopted by now.  

We first met Ron at Lorenzi Park back in 20-11. There, he proved to be an able-bodied kite-master.

Then last May, we found out U-Swirl's yogurt was on his "favorite foods" list.

But today, here's Ron...now a teenager... And handling all the fire station equipment like he was a pro.

In all three encounters, Ron impressed me as a smart, thoughtful kid who has everything going for him...except a family.

"Yeah he would definitely like to find a family, I think he would do best as an only child in that family or me with some older siblings like that in the family so he could kind of be the focus of attention if you will," says Ted, Ron's Court Appointed Special Advocate.

That's Ron's CASA worker who describes Ron with a lot of respect.

" 'Loves to go to movies, he has this uncanny knack of being able to memorize all the stars in the film and he can tell you just by seeing the name the other films he's seen  that actor has been in even folks I've never heard of," says Ted.

We also interviewed Ron... Who was shy and reserved on camera... But told us his deepest family remembrances.

"It's been quite a while, you know, since my mom passed away… um it was pretty good through the years, my mom cares about me and, I'm looking forward to finding a different mom," explains Ron.

Ron doesn't have a big wish-list... He just so wants a home that he can call his own.

"A caring family that's willing to help them address this challenges would be ideal and she's a really loving kid I've known him for three years now and he is the real sweet pea, he likes to make people proud you know he really… tries to do his best in school… and I'm proud of the growth I've seen him make in the last few years," adds Ted.

As much as we like Ron, we really don't really want to see him again on Wed's Child!   If you're interested in adopting him, call the office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

And by the way, our thanks to the folks at Clark County Fire Station 22 for hosting our shoot the other day.

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