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Driving You Crazy: Ann and Centennial Center Turns

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LAS VEGAS - A viewer says it's nearly impossible to turn left on Centennial Center Boulevard from eastbound Ann Road. She says a yield sign is needed in the area.

She claims she clashes with right turning traffic from westbound Ann. When turning to enter the Walgreens parking lot, a driver encounters conflict with opposing traffic.

City of Las Vegas officials say they are aware of this unique situation, but dispute the notion that it leads to crashes. That's because turning traffic should not clash, since opposing vehicles have their own designated lanes.

Westbound traffic from Ann to Centennial Center is much heavier than eastbound, so westbound vehicles will keep their right of way in their own lane without a yield sign.

If left turning vehicles want to go to Walgreens, they can quickly change lanes and make that first entrance driveway. They could also drive an additional 700 feet to the next driveway and make their way into the parking lot.

City officials say if a crash problem develops, they will install a raised median to prevent left turners from accessing the Walgreens driveway. Based on current crash data, however, no changes are necessary at this time.

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