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Back to School Shopping Challenge: Desiree Peeples

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LAS VEGAS - 8 News NOW is teaming with local bloggers to find the best back-to-school deals – giving each blogger $88 to spend on school supplies and seeing who can buy the most items.

Desiree Peeples has a 5-year-old boy. She is buying him school supplies for the first time. 8 News NOW caught up with her at the Target near Charleston Boulevard and Nellis Boulevard, where she starts with the basics.

"You need a list for sure," she said.

She admits she doesn't have a proven strategy, because it's all new to her. One thing is certain.

"Shopping on the weekends is just too chaotic and during the weekdays, everything is fully stocked," she said. "There is plenty of staff here to help you with questions."

She hits the aisles, armed with her list, coupons and a budget.

"It's nerve-wracking, because I don't usually work with a budget," she said. "I usually have a range of what I want to spend, but having a hard cut-off or a hard number I am trying to hit, that's hard, because I have never done that before."

She certainly has done her homework.

"I go on Google, and I will type in whatever coupons. If it's Crayola, I'll type in ‘Crayola coupons', and then I can either find them on the Target website or you can find them on a random website, random blog, whatever," she said.

Peeples says she values her time just as much, sometimes even more, than her money.

"I want to save money too, but if it's going to take me several hours to save three dollars, then I'd rather have the several hours to do what I got to do, you know? Work out, cook dinner, spend time with my boy," she said.

Her shopping spree lasted 45 minutes.

"I am really happy, because I got a lot of brand name stuff, and I got everything on my list which was important to me," she said.

This week, 8 News NOW will show how other shoppers fare. See who can buy the most back-to-school items on an $88 budget.

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